Banff camera obscura experiments

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Camera obscura stop motion

With body

Without body





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Neighbourhoodie on Talk2MyShirt

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neighbourhoodieWell, the ever hungry little blog squirrels have been digging around lately. After finding the Frogr Lilypad shield, Fashioning Technology discovered Angella’s awesome, stylish bike jacket with integrated lights, and, well, I guess these bloggers travel in packs, because now Talk2MyShirt discovered the Neighbourhoodie project that I did recently at the CFC. They’re mining us for all we’re worth!

FROGR: New project featured on Fashioning Tech!

April 29th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink Mackey and I have been working on a project conceived last summer for helping to rapid prototype wearables, make the Lilypad Arduino easily transferable between garments, and just generally more modular and less sewy. Our prototype is the Frogr, a fabric-snap and template system for letting you snap the Lilypad into and out of your circuits.

The project was recently unveiled to the world through a post on the fabulous Fashioning Technology blog. Read about it there, and at Angella’s main page for it. It’s a first-generation prototype, so we’re looking for input on how to make it better. Ultimately, it would best work with the snaps mounted directly onto the board (obviously requiring a new Lilypad board design).

Wonder Bikes showing at Toronto Free Gallery in July

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thousandlanguagesCome to the opening reception this Thursday, July 2 for the group show together you and i are like a thousand languages…, an exhibition exploring technology that brings us together.

I’ll be showing my latest project, the Wonder Bikes: pedal-powered, sound-art embarrassment machines. Bring a friend!

The bikes were made possible thanks to support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the genius of Rob Cruickshank.

ps. My final issue of Musicworks is soon to be on the stands! It’s been a busy month!

Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M6H 1N7
Hours: Wed-Fri. 11-5 and Saturday 12-6

Opening Reception on Thursday, July 2nd — 8pm to 1am
Exhibition runs from July 2 to July 31

Facebook event

together you and i are like a thousand languages…

Curated by Anthea Foyer & Siobhan O’Flynn

technology + art + love = ? leads us into the spaces that explore what it is to love and to express love, longing, lust. New innovations in technology both enhance communication and some argue isolate us further, yet in the midst of our crazy, complicated, busy lives we still create room for communicating love and lust, for touching and being touched, for being present and together. The emotions that make us so strongly human drive the need for our connection and mutual recognition and new forms can amplify old emotions in surprising ways.

This is a love story….

Opening Night:


MY DOKI DOKI | James Milward, Jonathan Resnick and Trevor Shaikin
SMOKs |SMOKs, an XS Labs project by Joanna Berzowska, with Marcelo Coelho, Ali Gorji, Vahid Giahi, Hanna Söder, Sarah-Anne Fork, Shirley Kwok-Choon, Marguerite Bromley, and Shermine Sawalha.
FROM ME TO YOU | Matt Gorbet > Susan Gorbet > Rob Gorbet
WONDER BIKES | David McCallum
MAPPING NATURAL AND UNNATURAL DISASTERS | The Notary Public (Erika Hennebury and Laura Nanni)
I LOVE IT WHEN YOU… | Anthea Foyer > Rob King

Toronto Free Gallery is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and the Trillium Foundation


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Init, Go!

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Saturday, June 13
5pm until it ends
409 Front St E, off Cherry St., Toronto
(behind the old Canary diner near the Distillery, Toronto)

“Life is too short for boring shit!” says init, the all-day, all-night interactive playground. Karlen Chang, Dafydd Hughes, and I (under the name Baby Steps) will be letting all of you play with a prototype for our installation upcoming in a big art festival.


Click the image for the flyer and full billing.

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What’s going on‽

I’ve not been dormant, just busy: moving apartments, planning life after work, calming down.

What happened

sr_poster_smallI/O Media was involved in the SoundReach performance with Tanso at the UofT Art Lounge. It was a live jam with Zen Lu in Shenzhen, China.

It was, I must say, awesome. Zen is a great musician, Tanso is working on same amazing initiatives to promote contemporary Chinese art in Toronto, and the Art Lounge is a great little venue. There’s live video and audio of the event on the SoundReach page.

Thanks to Patrick Dinnen, Light Play (the Luminato balloons installation) now has a documentation video.

What’s happening

eelogodraft2It looks like I’ll be having a piece at the fourth Electric Eclectics festival in Meaford, Ontario. If you live in Ontario, you really ought to check out this festival. I’ll be doing a bike–sound piece that I’ve been working on for the past few months. Think generator-powered Atari Punk Console tandem.

A rather opaque previewAlso, I’m working on a piece with Dafydd Hughes and Karlen Chang for a large upcoming Toronto art festival. I’m not sure if information is public yet, but take a guess and there’s a 50% chance you’ve picked the right festival. It’ll be turning a downtown plaza into a huge music controller. It’ll also be awesome.

Some crafty previews

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I’ve been working on knitting projects when I can. None of them complete, except the Commodore 64 opening screen and Harper—who, weirdly enough, is back in the news.

A little glider animation mockup. Try to ignore that pin head that moves through the image.

Gosper glider gun (the first frame in a 30-frame animation). I plan on redoing this in many colours.

Ready? An exercise in patience.

Go swatches as a study for Sticks and Stones performance. The more perfect one on the left by Magic Fingers Dory Kornfeld.

Pure Data workshop in Toronto!

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November 18-20, 7-10pm all three days
at InterAccess media arts centre

Dafydd Hughes and I will be teaching an intro-to-Pd workshop next week at Interaccess. Come!

Pd is a software environment where you can make your own media thingies, do music performance, reactive video, interactive installations. Sound, video, physical computing, cuddles—Pd does it all!

Unlike traditional programming languages, Pd is visual, not text-based. It’s kind of like Lego, but not plastic, and maybe a little more fun.

No experience is needed; we’ll hold your hands the whole time.

More information here. For a goofy example of Pd in action, check out our Grudgematch.

Official workshop description below:

Want to make software for your art that behaves the way you want it to? Are you frustrated by the limitations of existing software and keen to create tools to suit your own artistic purposes? Then Pure Data is for you. Pure Data (Pd) is a graphical-based media programming language, similar in use to the well-known program Max/MSP, but free and open source.

Pure Data allows artists to interact with the real world through live camera feeds, audio, video, motion sensors and other sources, or create synthesizers and video mixers. Graphical programming is most commonly used in immersive and interactive installations as well as live video mixing/VJ events.

Participants learn the basics of audio programming, including sample recording, playback, manipulation and synthesis, and video programming using the “GEM video environment,” including video mixing, manipulation and simple 3D rendering. Instructors tailor workshop content to suit the needs of participants as much as possible.