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These abstractions are now a little out of date, although most of them are still probably entirely functional. Many I've since updated for my own personal use, but haven't gotten around to making them presentable for the public. Others (like the tracker-style keyboard mapper) have been since modified by others and gone on to have happy lives.

Probably of most importance to anyone are the [nrpnin] and [nrpnout] objects, for use with NRPN MIDI controllers and gear. Enjoy!

—DM 2006.11.04

mccallum's abstractions 06/08/2004 - My abstractions for Pd. Along with general use there are also abstractions for NRPN, tracker-style keyboard mapping, graph-on-parent MIDI monitor, MIDIToaster control, stompbox like graph-on-parent effects, a whole modular mixer setup for my Quattro (can be used with any soundcard, really), and a system to save abstraction settings in the path of the parent patch. Warning, documentation may not be up to snuff. Let me know if anything is a little confusing.

Now with help files! (sort of)

Click for a list of the abstractions.

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