Houndstooth reforming

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go houndstooth 6

Fair Isle knitting is weak Go

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Knitting patterns from arrays Processing script, super-alpha

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Shot of the script and outputIn prep for some of the knitting I’m going to be doing for my doctorate, I’m writing a generic Processing script to generate a knitting pattern from a two-dimensional array, with the aim to have it eventually render knitting patterns from frames of Conway’s Game of Life. This is similar to microRevolt’s knitPro, except of course more generalised as a script.

At the moment it’s very simple. Two-tone, not a function or class (because I don’t really know how to do that), and I still have improvements to make and features to add. But I thought I would put it online in case anyone wants to help make it more awesome.

Next steps, output to PDF. And then, maybe export to knitML?

Code here.

Interview with Darsha Hewitt in the latest Musicworks

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Darsha, taken from shareMTL's site.

Darsha, taken from shareMTL's site.

The latest issue of Musicworks Magazine is now on the stands, and in it I interview the wonderful Darsha Hewitt. Until you get your hands on it, check out Darsha’s sketchbook in the Device Art issue of Vague Terrain.

In other news, it’s been exactly a year since I left my post as Editor of Musicworks, and Micheline’s doing an amazing job.

Banff camera obscura experiments

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Camera obscura stop motion

With body

Without body




Neighbourhoodie on Talk2MyShirt

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neighbourhoodieWell, the ever hungry little blog squirrels have been digging around lately. After finding the Frogr Lilypad shield, Fashioning Technology discovered Angella’s awesome, stylish bike jacket with integrated lights, and, well, I guess these bloggers travel in packs, because now Talk2MyShirt discovered the Neighbourhoodie project that I did recently at the CFC. They’re mining us for all we’re worth!

Init, Go!

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Saturday, June 13
5pm until it ends
409 Front St E, off Cherry St., Toronto
(behind the old Canary diner near the Distillery, Toronto)

“Life is too short for boring shit!” says init, the all-day, all-night interactive playground. Karlen Chang, Dafydd Hughes, and I (under the name Baby Steps) will be letting all of you play with a prototype for our installation upcoming in a big art festival.


Click the image for the flyer and full billing.

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Some crafty previews

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I’ve been working on knitting projects when I can. None of them complete, except the Commodore 64 opening screen and Harper—who, weirdly enough, is back in the news.

A little glider animation mockup. Try to ignore that pin head that moves through the image.

Gosper glider gun (the first frame in a 30-frame animation). I plan on redoing this in many colours.

Ready? An exercise in patience.

Go swatches as a study for Sticks and Stones performance. The more perfect one on the left by Magic Fingers Dory Kornfeld.

Pure Data workshop in Toronto!

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November 18-20, 7-10pm all three days
at InterAccess media arts centre

Dafydd Hughes and I will be teaching an intro-to-Pd workshop next week at Interaccess. Come!

Pd is a software environment where you can make your own media thingies, do music performance, reactive video, interactive installations. Sound, video, physical computing, cuddles—Pd does it all!

Unlike traditional programming languages, Pd is visual, not text-based. It’s kind of like Lego, but not plastic, and maybe a little more fun.

No experience is needed; we’ll hold your hands the whole time.

More information here. For a goofy example of Pd in action, check out our Grudgematch.

Official workshop description below:

Want to make software for your art that behaves the way you want it to? Are you frustrated by the limitations of existing software and keen to create tools to suit your own artistic purposes? Then Pure Data is for you. Pure Data (Pd) is a graphical-based media programming language, similar in use to the well-known program Max/MSP, but free and open source.

Pure Data allows artists to interact with the real world through live camera feeds, audio, video, motion sensors and other sources, or create synthesizers and video mixers. Graphical programming is most commonly used in immersive and interactive installations as well as live video mixing/VJ events.

Participants learn the basics of audio programming, including sample recording, playback, manipulation and synthesis, and video programming using the “GEM video environment,” including video mixing, manipulation and simple 3D rendering. Instructors tailor workshop content to suit the needs of participants as much as possible.

Well hello there, world!

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I’ve migrated! Please bear with me while I move the old content over, make it prettier, and, um, figure this WordPress thing out.


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