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Carteblanche, a new “publication” from the school of photography on materiality. Vernissage Wednesday, March 27. Works presented, works destroyed.
Carteblanche poster

Sticks and Stones at M:ST 5

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Some photos from the Sticks and Stones performance by me and Dory Kornfeld at Art Central in Calgary for M:ST 5.

Sign Me a Space, Harper, I/O show soon!

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Sign Me a Space
Gallery 1313
1pm – 6pm
Sunday, October 12

In case you didn’t know, my audio-video installation with Erik Martinson, Sign Me a Space will be showing for one more day only. If you saw it for Nuit Blanche, I seriously recommend that you see it again. It was up with speakers for NB but is in actuality a headphone installation and is a much different experience.

One more day!

in the window of
Gallery 1313
up for several weeks!

My knitted portrait of Stephen Harper is also showing at Gallery 1313! Come visit him as you would the Lincoln memorial and ask, how would Abe vote?

I/O Media
for New Adventures in Sound Art
at The Theatre Centre
October 23, 8pm sharp

I/O Media (featuring Dafydd Hughes, Mike Trommer, Rob Cruickshank, and Rob King) will be performing at the Theatre Centre in Toronto for New Adventures in Sound Art on Thursday, October 23rd.

We’ll be performing using handheld gadgets and sounds taken from Toronto’s Leslie Spit and the PATH underground labyrinth of corridors.

Show starts at 8pm sharp. Tickets available from Soundscapes or at the door. More info here.


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Once again, a delayed post-mortem about an amazing event. We staged a Max/MSP vs. Pd grudge match last night at InterAccess. Yes, a performance of live programming. Surprisingly, a night of programming was fun!

There’s a writeup about it here, and see photos of it at the InterAccess Flickr pool.

Upcoming I/O Media

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Friday, April 21, 2006
I/O Media
at Interacess
Queen and Ossington, Toronto

Open media jam. Come one, come all!

Upcoming and past events

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One event I forgot to mention, and another I’m catching just in time. Upcoming:

Saturday, March 25, 2006
at the DeLeon White Gallery
1096 Queen West at Dovercourt, Toronto
1930h – 22h

An all-encompassing performance night organized by Rahim Ladha. I think I have a room to myself on the second floor. Expect music involving live crickets.

Previous event:

Friday, March 10, 2006
I/O Media
at Interacess
Queen and Ossington, Toronto

Open media jam, like the Hugs events I did in Gbg.

Missed performance, Gothenburg's Kuturnatta

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Alex (my regular accomplice, Nim) and I played at Gothenburg’s night of culture, Kulturnatta on my birthday a few weeks ago. <some poor photos are up, thanks to Lalye Gaye>

The show was at the yuppie lounge venue Respekt. Any of you aware of
Gbg’s cultural lore will probably have heard of the infamous v/vm show
for the 2005 film festival. Essentially v/vm and the opener for the
show, Pistol Disco, were screamy noise bands. Why were they billed for
this yuppie lounge? who knows.

After Pistol Disco, from Gbg, screamed their set, everyone in the
audience stood around wondering what was going to happen next, unaware
that the management had actually refused to allow v/vm, who came all
the way from the UK, to play. And that was it. Be wary of Respekt.

Alex and I were a little worried because our set was not exactly, um,
melodic. Everything turned out to be okay. We played on old
tape-recorders that controlled filmstrip-like projections behind us of
photos of our family, etc. (The flyer up top is Alex’s niece and an old
photo of my father.) At the end we stormed off like prissy rockstars
while the projection said “Vi har inte glömt v/vm på filmfestivalen”
(we haven’t forgotten v/vm at the film festival). We didn’t plan to do
that, I swear!

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