FROGR: New project featured on Fashioning Tech!

April 29th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink Mackey and I have been working on a project conceived last summer for helping to rapid prototype wearables, make the Lilypad Arduino easily transferable between garments, and just generally more modular and less sewy. Our prototype is the Frogr, a fabric-snap and template system for letting you snap the Lilypad into and out of your circuits.

The project was recently unveiled to the world through a post on the fabulous Fashioning Technology blog. Read about it there, and at Angella’s main page for it. It’s a first-generation prototype, so we’re looking for input on how to make it better. Ultimately, it would best work with the snaps mounted directly onto the board (obviously requiring a new Lilypad board design).

Sign Me a Space, Harper, I/O show soon!

October 11th, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink

Sign Me a Space
Gallery 1313
1pm – 6pm
Sunday, October 12

In case you didn’t know, my audio-video installation with Erik Martinson, Sign Me a Space will be showing for one more day only. If you saw it for Nuit Blanche, I seriously recommend that you see it again. It was up with speakers for NB but is in actuality a headphone installation and is a much different experience.

One more day!

in the window of
Gallery 1313
up for several weeks!

My knitted portrait of Stephen Harper is also showing at Gallery 1313! Come visit him as you would the Lincoln memorial and ask, how would Abe vote?

I/O Media
for New Adventures in Sound Art
at The Theatre Centre
October 23, 8pm sharp

I/O Media (featuring Dafydd Hughes, Mike Trommer, Rob Cruickshank, and Rob King) will be performing at the Theatre Centre in Toronto for New Adventures in Sound Art on Thursday, October 23rd.

We’ll be performing using handheld gadgets and sounds taken from Toronto’s Leslie Spit and the PATH underground labyrinth of corridors.

Show starts at 8pm sharp. Tickets available from Soundscapes or at the door. More info here.

Harper in stitches

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Our Lord and Saviour

Stephen Harper—Canada’s current ruler—called a snap election for October 14 because he’s tired of not having a majority government, and he wants to ruin my birthday.

It reminded me of a project I finished a few months ago but haven’t done anything with, which is the knitted image of the Prime Minister in cowboy getup that you see to the right.

I’m looking for a place to exhibit this before the election. Do you know of anyone or place that would be interested in showing this? Let me know!

As an aside for you knitters out there: whenever I’m looking to knit text, I can never find patterns for text and knitting. The closest I’ve come is this, which is beautiful, but not entirely what I need. I finally stumbled across this collection of bitmap fonts which is exactly what any knitter looking to say something needs. Click click—stitch stitch.

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