Upcoming show: Reminiscens at Remfabriken

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Another show! Textile students of HDK will be exhibiting works created at Remfabriken, on site. Remfabriken is a living museum, a former textile mill that still produces material. April 6 – 21. I will also have a piece in the show, using an antique lace-making machine.



Exhibition opening, exhibition closing

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Carteblanche, a new “publication” from the school of photography on materiality. Vernissage Wednesday, March 27. Works presented, works destroyed.
Carteblanche poster


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Project HoodiePlay at Zero1 San Jose!

Angella Mackey and I are running mod-your-own hoodie workshops for this festival! Zombie tag! Conductive things!

Also, the exhibition at the San Jose quilting museum right now is really awesome.

Wonder Bikes showing at Toronto Free Gallery in July

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thousandlanguagesCome to the opening reception this Thursday, July 2 for the group show together you and i are like a thousand languages…, an exhibition exploring technology that brings us together.

I’ll be showing my latest project, the Wonder Bikes: pedal-powered, sound-art embarrassment machines. Bring a friend!

The bikes were made possible thanks to support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the genius of Rob Cruickshank.

ps. My final issue of Musicworks is soon to be on the stands! It’s been a busy month!

Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M6H 1N7
Hours: Wed-Fri. 11-5 and Saturday 12-6

Opening Reception on Thursday, July 2nd — 8pm to 1am
Exhibition runs from July 2 to July 31

Facebook event

together you and i are like a thousand languages…

Curated by Anthea Foyer & Siobhan O’Flynn

technology + art + love = ? leads us into the spaces that explore what it is to love and to express love, longing, lust. New innovations in technology both enhance communication and some argue isolate us further, yet in the midst of our crazy, complicated, busy lives we still create room for communicating love and lust, for touching and being touched, for being present and together. The emotions that make us so strongly human drive the need for our connection and mutual recognition and new forms can amplify old emotions in surprising ways.

This is a love story….

Opening Night:


MY DOKI DOKI | James Milward, Jonathan Resnick and Trevor Shaikin
SMOKs |SMOKs, an XS Labs project by Joanna Berzowska, with Marcelo Coelho, Ali Gorji, Vahid Giahi, Hanna Söder, Sarah-Anne Fork, Shirley Kwok-Choon, Marguerite Bromley, and Shermine Sawalha.
FROM ME TO YOU | Matt Gorbet > Susan Gorbet > Rob Gorbet
WONDER BIKES | David McCallum
MAPPING NATURAL AND UNNATURAL DISASTERS | The Notary Public (Erika Hennebury and Laura Nanni)
I LOVE IT WHEN YOU… | Anthea Foyer > Rob King

Toronto Free Gallery is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and the Trillium Foundation

Sign Me a Space, Harper, I/O show soon!

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Sign Me a Space
Gallery 1313
1pm – 6pm
Sunday, October 12

In case you didn’t know, my audio-video installation with Erik Martinson, Sign Me a Space will be showing for one more day only. If you saw it for Nuit Blanche, I seriously recommend that you see it again. It was up with speakers for NB but is in actuality a headphone installation and is a much different experience.

One more day!

in the window of
Gallery 1313
up for several weeks!

My knitted portrait of Stephen Harper is also showing at Gallery 1313! Come visit him as you would the Lincoln memorial and ask, how would Abe vote?

I/O Media
for New Adventures in Sound Art
at The Theatre Centre
October 23, 8pm sharp

I/O Media (featuring Dafydd Hughes, Mike Trommer, Rob Cruickshank, and Rob King) will be performing at the Theatre Centre in Toronto for New Adventures in Sound Art on Thursday, October 23rd.

We’ll be performing using handheld gadgets and sounds taken from Toronto’s Leslie Spit and the PATH underground labyrinth of corridors.

Show starts at 8pm sharp. Tickets available from Soundscapes or at the door. More info here.


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Once again, a delayed post-mortem about an amazing event. We staged a Max/MSP vs. Pd grudge match last night at InterAccess. Yes, a performance of live programming. Surprisingly, a night of programming was fun!

There’s a writeup about it here, and see photos of it at the InterAccess Flickr pool.

Luminato installation mentioned in the Globe

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The Yonge–Dundas installation was mentioned in the Toronto section of last Saturday's Globe and Mail. It's probably behind a paywall by the time you read it, but a tasty quote from the article says:

Much like the searchlight installation that lent an icon to the
festival last year, the installation will let people play with light on
a grand scale. David Pecaut, Luminato's co-chair, says he sees it as a
kind of home base for the festival this year – and one that intractably
ties itself to the city's landscape.


After much ado, the microphones are I think being installed today. The whole thing will be operational for testing on Thursday night, and officially running as of Friday.

Catch up

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Part of the function of this blog is to keep a record of things I've been up to, and sometimes that means telling you, um, a month late. January was busy!

Saturday, January 19, 2008
Yes u can has art Pd Workshop

Friday, January 18, 2008
Fava's Art's Birthday
The Artery

Performed an ABBA tribute with video artist Kelly Bolen.

Tuesday/Wednesday, January 15, 16, 2008
Yes u can has art Pd Workshop
Alberta College of Art and Design

Saturday/Sunday, January 12, 13, 2008
Yes u can has art Pd Workshop

Friday, January 11, 2008
Artist talk and performance
with Adam Tindale

Friday, January 4, 2008
I/O Media with Zimoun

Monday, December 31, 2007
New Year's Eve
The Tranzac

Dafydd Hughes and I mounted Auld Lang Syne version two, a New Year's clock that never reached midnight.


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The Warbike is showing at InterAccess!

If their exhibition, Sound Cycles, the Warbike and Jessica Thompson‘s Soundbike are available for your riding pleasure.

The bikes will be available until December 1, 2007. So go get that ride! And, the bikes, I must say, are really pretty.

There’s going to be an opening at InterAccess on the night of Nuit Blanche, September 29, 2007. So come and give ‘er a whirl!

Alley Jaunt!

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Yes, The Wireless Art in Toronto Squad (namely me, Dory Kornfeld, Edward Nixon, and Michael Pereira) of Wireless Toronto will be doing a garage for Alley Jaunt this weekend (August 11 and 12). Come and rprznt!

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