Missed performance, Gothenburg's Kuturnatta

November 1st, 2005 § 1 comment § permalink

Alex (my regular accomplice, Nim) and I played at Gothenburg’s night of culture, Kulturnatta on my birthday a few weeks ago. <some poor photos are up, thanks to Lalye Gaye>

The show was at the yuppie lounge venue Respekt. Any of you aware of
Gbg’s cultural lore will probably have heard of the infamous v/vm show
for the 2005 film festival. Essentially v/vm and the opener for the
show, Pistol Disco, were screamy noise bands. Why were they billed for
this yuppie lounge? who knows.

After Pistol Disco, from Gbg, screamed their set, everyone in the
audience stood around wondering what was going to happen next, unaware
that the management had actually refused to allow v/vm, who came all
the way from the UK, to play. And that was it. Be wary of Respekt.

Alex and I were a little worried because our set was not exactly, um,
melodic. Everything turned out to be okay. We played on old
tape-recorders that controlled filmstrip-like projections behind us of
photos of our family, etc. (The flyer up top is Alex’s niece and an old
photo of my father.) At the end we stormed off like prissy rockstars
while the projection said “Vi har inte glömt v/vm på filmfestivalen”
(we haven’t forgotten v/vm at the film festival). We didn’t plan to do
that, I swear!

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