Upcoming events, the Ping and Music Gallery

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Upcoming shows:

Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I/O Media
at The Ambient Ping, at Hacienda
Bloor and Bathurst, Toronto
Pay what you can

This show is a maybe, contingent on whether or not the I/O guys are comfortable enough letting me play with them (I haven’t really met any of them yet).

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Leark – An Electronic Zen Garden

at The Music Gallery

St. George the Martyr Anglican Church
197 John St., Toronto


$15 / $10 member / $5 senior/student/poor

I’ll be joining my old LEARK posse with their new Electronic Zen Garden show. It should prove to be very… calm.

Warbike talk at Big Love

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Another belated event roundup. At the end of November I gave a talk about my thesis project, the Warbike. Somehow it’s the project I’ve spent the most time on in recent years, but documented the least. That is to say, I’ve written a huge paper on it, but I don’t consider the paper sufficient to encapsulate and document why this is important. It was too academic, and not enough art. But that’s what you get for taking a masters.

The talk dealt with the ideological precursors of the project, mostly things like psychogeography and the Situationists, as well as hacking and that whole movement.

The thesis is attached to this post, and you can see the pictures of the talk here, in all its bearded glory.

The photo above is my thesis advisor, Palle.

Random Access Memory 4

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Another belated event roundup. On October 29, 2005 Alex Berman, Lalya Gaye, and I did the fourth installment of Alex’s Random Access Memory series, further documenting the inanity of his everyday life.

At G√∂teborgs arbetareteater, the locale of a Klubb Koloni event, we taped PC speakers and tape players underneath benches outside of the venue. People could sit on the benches and listen to messages left on Alex’s answering machine. If you’ve ever heard Alex’s audio blog, you know he’s got some weird friends that leave weird messages.

The installation was a success because every single thing was stolen by the end of the evening. If people stealing your art isn’t success, I don’t know what is!

Dose interview

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In the summer of 2005 I was briefly interviewed for an article on the future of video on cell phones (presumably related to my Warbike project and familiarity with mobile media, or something).

My old site said I’d have a copy of the article up, for months. Well, here it is. (Ironically enough, I want to school with Joel McConvey, who wrote the audio portion of the article. Might have been more appropriate if I’d be interviewed about that one.)

Back in TO, working at Musicworks magazine

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I have been incommunicado lately, getting my life back up to speed.

I went back to Gothenburg from September-December 2005 to finish my masters thesis (Art and Technology at Chalmers University in Gbg).

In the beginning of December I was hired by Musicworks Magazine to work as Associate Editor under the venerable Gayle Young, the driving force behind the magazine for almost 20 years. I’m really excited about the job. I’ve been reading the magazine for years and never thought I’d actually be working there.

Because of all the upheaval I haven’t spent any time developing new works, or performing, or even applying for festivals. Especially relocating back to TO and getting used to a non-school schedule really takes energy out. But I’m really looking forward to getting back to creating.

I’m also figuring out this blog system as the front page for my site, which should be easier for me to update.

So keep an eye out for new works and new events and new performances, of course. And if you want Musicworks to know about anything you’re doing, pass it by me.

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