Vague Terrain 06: Locative — Call for submissions

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vague terrain 06: locative
guest curated by David McCallum

Not only are our lives being interwoven with technology, but technology that has an understanding of where it is. Locative technology can be described as the connection of information to geography. It is evident in microphones, cameras, RFID, GPS, wireless communications protocols, and a host of other sensors and technologies that are allowing devices to understand their places among people, within space, and among other devices. This technology, as proxy, allows us to better understand our place within, and our relationships to the spaces which we inhabit. This issue of vague terrain will allow us to better understand these technologies.

call for work
We are seeking:

Artworks that employ location-aware technology, or documentation of such an artwork, consisting of statements and supporting images. Please do not provide research papers as documentation of the artwork.

Text, interviews, or academic papers on the theme of location-aware technology and locative media, of any length. We will accept pitches for as-yet unwritten interviews or texts—please provide samples of your writing.

30-40 minutes of original music—essentially an EP’s worth of music—that uses location-aware technology or touches on our perception and understanding of space.

As a general rule of thumb for all submissions, we welcome the recontextualiztion of past work, but the onus is on the contributor to obtain permission to (re)publish material online if the rights belong to another publication, label, journal, etc.

submission deadline

The submission deadline for vague terrain 06: locative is Sunday, November 26th, 2006. Late work may be accepted at our discretion.

Please respond to this call for work (via locative [at] by Sunday, November 5th, 2006 to express your interest in participating. This is not essential, but is more likely to result in your work being chosen.

Vague Terrain 06: locative will be published online in the Spring of 2007.


Vague Terrain will utilize Creative Commons—the standard protocols for online content sharing to protect the work of invited artists. Our base site-wide policy will be Creative Commons Deed ‘Attributive-NonCommercial-NoDerivs’ which allows for the following:

Work is free to be distributed, displayed, and performed assuming that credit is given to the originating artist (you) and content source (, is noncommercial, and that the work may not be altered and transformed. A detailed explanation is available at online at in both plain English and legalese.

We are open to different Creative Commons deeds if an invited artist is unwilling to display their work according to the above terms. If you have a specific agenda regarding the manner in which your work is accessible to the public, please let us know.

the curator

David McCallum is the Associate Editor at Musicworks Magazine, and a musician and sound artist. His work has focused on improvised music, DIY electronics, and locative media. Groups and projects have included the Warbike, a mobile sonification of WiFi networks; Interaccess’ I/O Media and the Live Electroacoustic Research Kitchen improv groups; and You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato: a study in the sonic properties of genetically modified potatoes.

For more information on David please see


For more information about participating please contact
locative [at]

Pure Data workshop at Interaccess

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The illustrious Dafydd Hughes and I will be conducting a workshop on Pure Data, the absolutely amazing do-everything programming environment for making music, video, physical computing, and whatever else you could possibly think of (it’s true!).

We’ll do our best to try to tailor the content of the workshop towards the needs of the participants (you!).

Information can be found at Interaccess’ workshop page.

This is in Toronto at the end of November, by the way.

What is it that you do?

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One of the things that my site has been sorely lacking is any documentation of my work. (If an undocumented work is made in the forest, is it art? No!)

I’d had a nifty dynamic documenting page going about a year ago, and then differing versions of PHP and server problems killed that. But after much headscratching, and rewriting in Python, it’s back!

I’m still working out the kinks and filling in current information, but take a gander at my body of work thus far.

I/O Media Underground this Friday

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Friday, October 13, 2006
I/O Media
at Interacess
Queen and Ossington, Toronto

Same kinda deal as last week. Leslie Spit samples, etc.

The added bonus is that my birthday is the 14th, so maybe we have an obligation to get hammered.

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