Pure Data workshop in Toronto!

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November 18-20, 7-10pm all three days
at InterAccess media arts centre

Dafydd Hughes and I will be teaching an intro-to-Pd workshop next week at Interaccess. Come!

Pd is a software environment where you can make your own media thingies, do music performance, reactive video, interactive installations. Sound, video, physical computing, cuddles—Pd does it all!

Unlike traditional programming languages, Pd is visual, not text-based. It’s kind of like Lego, but not plastic, and maybe a little more fun.

No experience is needed; we’ll hold your hands the whole time.

More information here. For a goofy example of Pd in action, check out our Grudgematch.

Official workshop description below:

Want to make software for your art that behaves the way you want it to? Are you frustrated by the limitations of existing software and keen to create tools to suit your own artistic purposes? Then Pure Data is for you. Pure Data (Pd) is a graphical-based media programming language, similar in use to the well-known program Max/MSP, but free and open source.

Pure Data allows artists to interact with the real world through live camera feeds, audio, video, motion sensors and other sources, or create synthesizers and video mixers. Graphical programming is most commonly used in immersive and interactive installations as well as live video mixing/VJ events.

Participants learn the basics of audio programming, including sample recording, playback, manipulation and synthesis, and video programming using the “GEM video environment,” including video mixing, manipulation and simple 3D rendering. Instructors tailor workshop content to suit the needs of participants as much as possible.

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