InterAccess Open Studio!

February 17th, 2008 § 0 comments

InterAccess Open Studio: You never have to work alone again

Tuesday, February 26, 7-9pm in the Studio

Hosted by: Master David McCallum and Sir Dafydd Hughes

It’s BACK!! Come see what InterAccess members are playing with, and
bring your own toys to work on. Every two weeks an InterAccess member
will talk about what they’re working on, obsessing over, or failing to
accomplish. Come hang out, share ideas, and maybe even make something
that works. All are welcome, regardless of experience or knowledge.

Dafydd and David want to make the studio windows do their bidding!
We’re going to refurbish some old computers and see if we can’t get
some simple webcam video art showing.

So Dafydd and I get together every two weeks at IA to work on stuff anyway, so now we’re opening it up and trying to make it a community thing.

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