Treadle Sewing Machine Manuals

We’ve become accidental treadle sewing machine collectors. I’ve compiled and scanned their hard-to-find and out-of-print manuals. Some sites sell these things and make money by keeping the information scarce, I think this information wants to be free!

Late 1800s H. Sackmann “Singer” Victoria B in Swedish

Early-mid 1900s Husqvarna CB, CB-N, CB XI, HR, and VS in Swedish

Early-mid 1900s Husqvarna CB, CB-N, CB XI, HR, and VS in English

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The manuals posted here are the only ones I own! Are you looking for a manual to another machine? I don’t have it! There must be forums on the internet for that!

A quick Google turned up the ISMACS list of manuals, and Singer has this hidden little gem. Good luck!

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  • Hector MOntano says:

    I have an A G Mason New Improved Wilson sewing machine. Any chance you may have or know how I may obtain a manual?

    Thank you,


  • sintheta says:

    Hector if you’re lucky you’ll find someone who’s scanned it online. I was able to get the old singer manual through an inter-library loan from Stockholm (I’m in Sweden). Check around the libraries in your part of the world, you might be able to find something. Otherwise, you may just have to buy it from one of those awful sites that sell scans of manuals.

  • mary says:

    I have improved new wilson treadle and most of the manual (it is falling apart) – contact me

  • Christina Knutsson says:

    Thanks a lot for the manual in swedish. I´m a owner of a CB-N with motor and it´s mechanical parts are alike. I´m looking for a new belt since mine broke. Of course it´s a much shorter than for a treadmill.
    Nice anyhow to find this manual!
    Regards Tina

  • sintheta says:

    Tina, your local sewing machine shop should be able to find a replacement belt for you. The CB-N is by far my favourite machine of the bunch. Not as pretty as the rest, but that machine can do anything.

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