Mobile artwork


locative media, sonification, wifi, bicycle, psychogeography


Artengine, Chalmers tekniska högskola


Interacces, Toronto, September 12 - December 1, 2007
– Perambulations at Cultures in Transit, Ottawa, May 1-5, 2006
Artengine, Ottawa, July 8-14, 2005

Did you know that almost anywhere that you go in a city you'll be sharing space with someone's private wireless computer network? All of their personal communication—e-mail, love messages, bank passwords, credit card numbers, and bizarre surfing habits—will be passing through your body without your awareness. Who are they, and how do you feel about sharing space with their personal life?

The Warbike turns this wireless network activity into sound. As you cycle the streets, you'll hear the activity of this invisible communications layer that permeates our public spaces. Who knew that so much was going on?

A sample of the Warbike audio _ mp3 - 46s

Warbike Thesis _ PDF 1.1MB

The guts of the Warbike.

Me on the Warbike! Photo by Risa Horowitz.